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Latest publication a short book on the life and work of Estelle White, the hymn writer, with accompanying CD. Includes photos and reminiscences by her friends and family. See this page for all details.

I am now writing a second book, which examines the position of single Catholic women in the Church. How did Jesus treat women? How has the Church treated single women?

Mass goers are primarily women. The Church addresses families, married women and widows but single women are rarely mentioned. Please send me your experience of Church and how you see the future of single women in the Church. There is no age limit and you don't have to have any particular role in the Church.

The book is divided into three parts with the longest part being anonymous contributions from women of all ages and attitudes to the Church. It includes notable women such as Estelle White, the hymn-writer; Dorothy Day of the Catholic Worker; Elizabeth Jennings, the poet; Penny Lernoux, the journalist, Edwina Gately, missionary, writer and retreat-giver; Flannery O`Connor, the novelist; Edel Quinn, who spread the Legion of Mary in Africa and more recently Dusty Springfield.

I have already received 14,000 words from women in the UK, Australia and the USA. I hope to include other continents. If you would like to contribute please send between 100-1,000 words to me at my e-mail address. All contributions are anonymous but please state your age. Deadline: November, 2019.

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Some of previous work: