Veronica Whitty

Enneagram Courses

An Introduction to the Enneagram
Friday-Sunday, March 16-18, 2018
St Antony's Priory, Durham city.

Dreamwork Courses

Dreams and Spirituality
Tuesday, 22nd May, 2018
St Antony's Priory, Durham city.

See Preston Workshop below for details.

Private Work

Private work welcomed. Please email or ring for details. Contact methods available on the home page.

Previous Enneagram workshops and comments:

Recommendation from a man who came to do the Enneagram privately in February, 2018

A three-day course on the Enneagram provided great insights into understanding myself and so many others who share my life. To be able to see our differences in such a positive way is to be confirmed in who each of us is.
I thought I had a depth of knowledge already through previous reading: Veronica's teaching and gentle directing brought a clearer understanding and a different perspective. I commend this course to you.

St Giles's Christian Centre, Ashtead, Surrey: November, 2016

Dear Veronica,
Thank you for all you gave with leading the Enneagram course. I know it takes time and energy to facilitate and you do it very well. I am always aware of how well you face and answer questions when they come. I hope you felt it went well and enjoyed the lively group.
St Giles Spirituality Centre.

Gorsylwd, Wales: January, 2014

Thank you Veronica for such a wonderful and insightful presentation of the Enneagram. Although we were a small group all participants appeared to engage and contribute allowing the whole process to come alive . Your in depth understanding and enthusiasm was evident and made it a thoroughly enjoyable weekend.

Chilham, Kent: November, 2013

Dear Veronica, I wanted to thank you for making the effort to come all the way down here to Kent to lead our enneagram weekend. It was an inspirational weekend and I think people really loved it and learnt a lot, from the feedback I am getting, and that was largely due to you. You gave us lots of wonderful extras, like the dream work and the visualisations all of which were very helpful. I am sure that people got a lot out of doing the enneagram 'your' way.

Minster Abbey,Kent: August, 2013

Thank you for the great weekend. It did me so much good. I learnt new things!

Previous dream workshops and comments:

Tabor Retreat House, Preston, England

The “Dreams and Spirituality” workshop at Tabor attracted 24 people. They worked enthusiastically on the dreams people brought. Comments include:

"Thank you so much for the Retreat Day on 'Dreams and the Spiritual Life'. I greatly appreciated the amount of time given to actually working on our dreams in a variety of ways.

The session on "Praying with our Dreams" was especially powerful, I found, and continues to bear fruit. It was an old, previously-worked dream I was using but I was able to meet the issues at a deeper level, especially as Jesus was there with me. Sharing with a partner helped me to clarify the issues and the healing process that was happening."

"Very good; loved the day; loved the sharing."

"I wasn't expecting too much but I was overwhelmed."

Durham, England

Just to say thank you for the interesting day at St Antony's on Saturday. It was really useful to have a framework for understanding my dream and I woke the next morning with the need to draw a mandala which I did. This was relevant and good to do something practical. I have had a look at a couple of the websites you recommended and ordered Robert Johnson's memoirs and printed off his 4 steps to understanding your dreams.

It was a bit of a lightbulb moment really, as I have dreamt all my life and now understand it to be my higher self/spirit talking to me. So, I have been searching for communion with God for the past 20 years and he has been talking to me all the time - time to start listening I think!!

I am looking forward to working with my dream life and hope to see you again.