Veronica Whitty

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Zoom sessions available.

Tel: 0191 263 0920
Mob: 0772 973 0281


Here is the title of a talk that I give:
"Encounters with Remarkable Women"
In my life I have met some remarkable women including the following:

Dusty Springfield

Indira Gandhi

Marjorie Proops

Florence Selvanayagam

Mother Teresa

Anne Young Boyd

Tracey Leonard

Audrey Eyton

Estelle White

Anne Seymour

Let me know if you would like me to give this talk to your group.

Enneagram Work

Private work and courses available on request. Contact details available at the bottom of the page.


Dream group work available on request. Contact details available at the bottom of the page.

Small, regular dreamgroup at
51, Queen's Crescent, NE28 8DW.
Tel. 0191 263 0920

Dreamwork by Zoom

"Moving from a face-to-face setting might change some of the practicalities but the essence and product of the work is unchanged.

Veronica's flexible skill in leading dream groupwork is evidenced through our recent online sessions. They are just as fruitful, thought-provoking and sociable as always - from everyone's home space at the same time. One of the best uses of modern technology during these strange days."
Contributor A

"The benefits of doing Dream Group Work via Zoom are that people with the shared interest in Dreamwork but who don't live geographicaly close enough to meet face to face can come together and take turns to share dreams.
We can share in the comfort of our own homes without navigating traffic or worrying about social distancing.Even though I have never met in person 2 people within the Zoom group I feel I know them well and Veronica has been able to hold the space for us safely enabling us to take risks in what we share.
As we head into autumn and winter the prospect of being able to continue to meet without needing to have a break will reinforce the connections and maintain the momentum our regular meetings have provided.
For me making space to reflect not only on my dreams but other peoples and benefitting from Veronica's wisdom in this area has been a real gift during lockdown."
Contributor B

"I have really enjoyed the online dreams workshops with Veronica during lockdown. Four of us met in a virtual space despite being in four different geographical locations but it often felt that we were in the same room. Veronica's insightful questions and extensive knowledge of dream imagery was so helpful in unlocking the deeper meanings of our various dreams. The hour long meetings were so rich in sharing and illumination and have left me with much to ponder on over the past few months. Even the shortest snippets of dreams have yielded a great harvest for us all and this has been due to Veronica's excellent leadership in guiding the dreamer and the listeners through the stages of unpacking the dream.
I can highly recommend this approach to dreamwork and look forward to each meeting with excitement and curiosity as to what will be revealed."
Contributor C

Private Work

Private work welcomed. Please email or ring for details. Contact methods available on the home page.