Veronica Whitty


Private work also available. See events page for details.

Occasionally I'm asked about Visions. If you have had a vision I can help you with them.

Visions are different to Dreams. They need another approach.

Group Dreamwork: My approach

Most of my work is with groups. Usually the members of the group have never met before and have often never done any dreamwork before.

The group process acts as a wise friend.

The dreamer tells the dream twice. Often new detail emerges in the re-telling. Every detail is important. The group then asks clarifying questions.

Then they take the dream as if it were their own dream and come up with interpretations from their own point of view, saying "If this were my dream this is what it would mean to me". If there are symbols in the dream one person might say for example: ”Jewellery means nothing to me, so I have to ask what is precious for me?“

The group helps the dreamer with the dream message and the dream task. What is the dreamer going to do as a result of understanding her/his dream. This can be a simple action such as making a phone call or a profoundly-felt change in life-style.

Dreams show us the consequences of what we are doing and inform us when the wishes of the ego are threatening our psychic or spiritual well-being. The more the ego censors the dream message, the more disturbing the dreams become. We use dreams as a mirror for issues. I ask dreamers to draw a simple sketch of their dream. Sometimes they do this as they are telling their dream. A picture helps the group clarify the details as told by the dreamer and provides extra information.

Please contact me for individual telephone consultations.

Tel: 0191 263 0920
Mob: 0772 973 0281

Previous dream workshops and comments:

Dreamwork by Zoom

Moving from a face to face setting might change some of the practicalities but the essence and product of the work is unchanged.
Veronica's flexible skill in leading dream groupwork is evidenced through our recent online sessions. They are just as fruitful, thought-provoking and sociable as always - from everyone's home space at the same time. One of the best uses of modern technology during these strange days.

Tabor Retreat House, Preston, England

The “Dreams and Spirituality” workshop at Tabor attracted 24 people. They worked enthusiastically on the dreams people brought. Comments include:

"Thank you so much for the Retreat Day on 'Dreams and the Spiritual Life'. I greatly appreciated the amount of time given to actually working on our dreams in a variety of ways.

The session on "Praying with our Dreams" was especially powerful, I found, and continues to bear fruit. It was an old, previously-worked dream I was using but I was able to meet the issues at a deeper level, especially as Jesus was there with me. Sharing with a partner helped me to clarify the issues and the healing process that was happening."

"Very good; loved the day; loved the sharing."

"I wasn't expecting too much but I was overwhelmed."

Durham, England

Just to say thank you for the interesting day at St Antony's on Saturday. It was really useful to have a framework for understanding my dream and I woke the next morning with the need to draw a mandala which I did. This was relevant and good to do something practical. I have had a look at a couple of the websites you recommended and ordered Robert Johnson's memoirs and printed off his 4 steps to understanding your dreams.

It was a bit of a lightbulb moment really, as I have dreamt all my life and now understand it to be my higher self/spirit talking to me. So, I have been searching for communion with God for the past 20 years and he has been talking to me all the time - time to start listening I think!!

I am looking forward to working with my dream life and hope to see you again.