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Veronica Whitty is a writer who leads Enneagram and dream workshops in the UK and abroad. She has published two books and she holds a master's degree in Peace Studies from the University of Bradford.

A garden outside of Medellin, Colombia
A garden outside of Medellin, Colombia
A garden outside of Medellin, Colombia

These are photos I took of three murals in Medellin City, Colombia in 2019. They could easily be dream images.

I have travelled a great deal so these months of Lockdown have come as a shock. Like so many others, I have had to turn inwards, which is no bad thing. My Enneagram work has helped enormously in tackling these months. I have concentrated on my home, my writing and Zoom meetings.

If you would like to explore the Enneagram and/or go more deeply into your space then give me a ring or send me an e-mail. Four of us have been meeting regularly to share our dreams and this has been richly rewarding. We share one dream in an hour and help each other with insights.

If you would like to share your dreams either one-to-one or in a small group then get in touch.

Meanwhile, I wish you well with your inner work and spiritual development.

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